Whats New

Food Grade Control System

Control Platform
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix platform with NEMA 4X Panel View Plus color touch screen interface.
  • Allen Bradley 24 hr support available for PLC.
  • Auto/Manual mode allows for operation even if PLC fails.
  • Can be custom programmed based on individual application requirements.
  • Food grade construction with stainless steel and wash down requirements.
  • Stack light mounted to side of panel provides alarm and additional system status.
  • Integrated PCB design allows for easy hookup and interface with PLC controls, no cumbersome wire terminals.
Liquid Control
  • 316 Stainless steel pressure tanks with sizes varying between 10, 20, 30 gallons.
  • Design of tank addresses sanitary requirements of being able to wash down underneath tank where bacteria can reside.
  • Other types of mix and day tanks also available.
  • Continuous liquid level sensing, pH, or conductivity measurements can be included as options.
  • Fittings on tank are all tri-clover type for easy removal and cleanup
  • Liquid drain port on bottom allowing easy cleanup and removal of liquid from tank.
  • Pressure transmitter for air inlet provides accurate reading while designed to be washed down. Tank pressure is maintained by the use of a precision air regulator.
Application Success:
Anti-microbial Spray Application - In response to recent demand, BU has developed a customizable control system for the surface application of liquid anti-microbials on a variety of meat products.
ELBE Series 105 TM : Standardized wall mountable control platform with a liquid control component. Certain specifications can be tailored to customer requests.
772 series of analyzers


Our 772 series of analyzers have set new standards with their functional capabilities
•   For pH/ORP, O2, conductivity & fermentation control.
•   Standard feature of data logger and soft recorder providing both digital and
    graphical data retrieval.
•   Large Backlit LCD.
•   Provides user with both sensor and instrument diagnostics.
•   Supported with broad-range power supply 85 VAC... 265 VAC.
•   Self-explanatory graphical user interface that eliminates instruction manual.