Fermentation Control System


Dedicated systems specifically for the purpose of fermentation control application form an integral part of the BI product line.

pH & DO being the most widely measured analytical parameters in the fermentation process industry, special focus has been paid to analyzing these parameters. In fact as a service to this industry BI along with a leading industrial fermentation expert has written an article “Measurement and control of Fermentors” that has been published in the Chemical Industry Digest (Issue: Sept-Oct 2001) giving details of the above.

Other measurement and control capabilities include RPM, Antifoam, Airflow and Back pressure. In addition our systems are built on a batch concept. This enables the user to statistically analyze selective parameters from batch to batch.

Few of the fermentation based processes where our systems have been used are Vitamin B12, Enzymes, Recombinant vaccines, Yeast, Recombinant proteins, Rifampicin ….

Product Selection Guide
Dedicated Analyzers

Cost effective monitoring and control of pH, DO,
Temperature, RPM, Antifoam, Airflow, Back pressure

Multiple parameters - pH/ORP & DO
Two Auxillary inputs provided Multiple temperature input capabilities- Pt100/Pt1000/NTC300 Ohm & 22 K Ohm thermistor
Displays upto 12 variables simultaneously Two isolated outputs, selectable
6 relays available Two relays, selectable
4 isolated outputs Passcode-protected access
Passcode-protection Simple interactive diagnostics
Self-explanatory, graphical user interface Nema 4X enclosure

Other Analyzers & Transmitters




F600/615/635/F695 ORP: F900
DO : D100/D200/D400
Antifoam : 14L switch

Membrane Kit

Bulb guard

Weld in socket & blind plug
Electrolyte solution
pH & DO cables compatible to all instrument connections