About Us

Bela Instruments (BI) is a leading process automation solutions provider headquartered in Mumbai. It has an all India presence and has been in this field for over 20 years. Being largely research oriented, in fact 1of every 4 employees is involved in R & D. A large number of innovative products have resulted.

Speciality Instruments:
BI specializes in the manufacture & application of a wide array of online/offline process instruments for liquid quality analysis & control of parameters such as :
% concentration
Dissolved Oxygen
Fermentation control systems
Optical % solids
and Others….

Product Manufacturing :
All our instruments are manufactured at a state-of-the-art plant in Mumbai. Our skilled manpower, in both production and R & D, makes us technocompetent to design, develop and manufacture instruments maintaining the highest quality standards. For providing technical support and service, BI is equipped with the full range of certified calibration and test equipments ( traceable to NPL, New Delhi) to provide you with prompt and reliable service.

People Involved :
At BI, the senior management team is among the most experienced and successful in the industry. Their complementary skill-sets ensure that Bela Instruments moves into the 21st century with the right products & services.
The group of people include highly experienced Chemical, Instrumentation & Computer engineers. With such a technical mix from varied backgrounds, it makes BI far more capable of providing solutions through our products to solve your specific needs.

Tailor Made Solutions :
We at BI understand the wide array of needs of the process industry. It is not possible for any given manufacturer to have a perfect range of products to solve all these needs. However, due to our highly efficient research & development cell we are able to customize equipments to fit your exact specifications.

Collaborative R & D :
Since, its inception the policy of BI has always focused on a high technical level and a highly innovative orientation. Many of these R & D efforts have been made in association with some of our internationally well known partners. This has resulted in development of world class quality instrumentation systems well accepted in domestic and foreign markets