About Us

As a subsidiary of Bela Instruments (BI), Bela USA (BU) is a process automation solutions provider and a leading systems designer headquartered in Phoenix Arizona . BU focuses its sales and marketing efforts in the North and South American continents providing expertise, support and solutions in a variety of automated systems. BU carries and represents the full product line designed and manufactured by BI in addition to custom automation. Bela's process automation and systems design work is supported by an experienced multinational R&D group and its product line is supported by a dedicated staff of field engineers and technicians.
Our Products

BI manufactures sensors, analyzers and accessories for virtually all liquid quality analysis and process control applications. Please click on the category of interest at right:


    Contacting Conductivity

    Electrodeless Conductivity / %Concentration

    Dissolved Oxygen 


    Fermentation Control System

    Optical % Solids



    Food Grade Control System


Whats New

Food Grade Control System

Bela USA (BU) has diversified it services and product offering by providing full control systems directly to the end user. As OEM BU typically specializes in providing components of a control system to a re-distributor and/or system design company; we believe we can bring significant value and savings to the end user by offering them the opportunity to directly work with the manufacturer. BU has begun providing high-end, customized food grade control systems for a variety of specialized applications.

Control Platform

  • Allen Bradley Micrologix platform with NEMA 4X Panel View Plus color touch screen interface.
  • Allen Bradley 24 hr support available for PLC.
  • Auto/Manual mode allows for operation even if PLC fails.
  • Can be custom programmed based on individual application requirements.
  • Food grade construction with stainless steel and wash down requirements.
  • Stack light mounted to side of panel provides alarm and additional system status.
  • Integrated PCB design allows for easy hookup and interface with PLC controls, no cumbersome wire terminals.